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Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to use their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done.  This is where you can find out about some of our Club projects.

Youth Exchange

The Lions International Youth Exchange Program was established in 1961 to give youth an opportunity to travel to exciting international destinations for up to 6 weeks.

Whilst overseas, the youth live with one or more families associated with Lions International to experience first-hand a new culture, lifestyle and customs. Unlike some exchange programs, the Lions Youth Exchange Program does not involve tourism, academic studies or employment.

The aim of the program is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

The Lions Youth Exchange Program caters for both inbound and outbound youth exchanges:

Incoming International youth from Europe, North America, New Zealand, South America, Scandinavia, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan,  arriving in Australia in July-August and December-January. As well as living with one or more Australian families, many visiting exchangees attend an Australian Youth Camp, which provides an opportunity to meet young people from other countries in a fun, camp environment. More information for inbound youth is on our Hosting in Australia page

Outgoing Australian youth travelling overseas for approximately 5-6 weeks to live with families associated with Lions International in various countries. Chaperoned stopovers are available in London and Los Angeles.

Youth Of The Year

This is an annual event where youths from local schools are invited to take part in a competition which involves interviews and public speaking. Winners at club level go on to compete at District, State and National Finals.

Lions Youth of the Year is designed to encourage, foster and develop leadership in conjunction with other citizenship qualities in our youth, at the age when they are about to enter the fields of employment or higher education, and provides students with the incentive to pay greater attention to the general qualities, so vital in developing our youths into first class citizens. The qualities sought, apart from academic attainments are those of leadership, personality, sportsmanship, public speaking and good citizenship. The students meet in fellowship and have the opportunity of open discussion, exchange of ideas and meet professional people of a community service Club organisation.

GVK each year invites entrants from Ferny Grove State High School with Club level final judging occuring at a gala dinner meeting at the Arana leagues Club.



Children of Courage

The Children of Courage awards recognize a very special group of children and their families. There are many awards that recognize the achievements of young people, however children with ‘special needs’ were not catered for. These awards are especially designed to recognize the courage and bravery shown by these children every day. The Children of Courage Awards are not a competition. Every recipient of an award is a “winner” in his or her own right, as the recognition of these young peoples’ achievements will:

  1. Act as an encouragement for their future
  2. Help them to believe in themselves, and
  3. Help to increase their self-worth

All Children want to be accepted by others, regardless of any special needs they may have. These awards will portray them as children who have successfully overcome additional barriers which face them in this world.

Categories of Awards

There are four (4) categories for which a child may be nominated …

Special Needs

Children with special needs who have shown courage in the face of adversity. Such Children include those who are confined to wheelchairs, who are sight, hearing, or speech impaired, or have undergone long periods of medical treatment, surgery or hospitalization, which has perhaps brought pain and trauma to their young lives.

Courageous Act or Deed

A child who without regard for personal safety, has been instrumental in the preservation of life and/or property, or has rendered assistance at an accident, or whose concerns for others is worthy of recognition. This category may also include children who have undergone lifesaving surgery, or undergone daily medical treatments i.e. diabetes. A child who acts as a carer for a parent may be recognized under this category.

Sibling Recognition Award

This category is for siblings who actively participate in the daily care for their brother or sister who has a ‘special need’.

Inspiring Sporting Achievement

For children who have overcome great personal hardship/disadvantage to compete as an individual or team member in their chosen sport.

These awards are designed to recognise children with special needs and their families. It is not competitive, with all nominees being given an award.

A presentation ceremony is held in a party atmosphere to present the children with awards and gifts. Afternoon tea is also served.


Peace and Fire Poster Competitions

We encourage young people in our local schools to take part in these competitions where they can use their artistic talents to design and paint posters for judging.









Magic Show

This is an annual event featuring professional magicians. Tickets are purchased by companies and individuals who donate them back to be distributed to various organisations for handicapped or disadvantaged children and young adults. The obvious joy of the thousands who attend these shows makes this one of our most memorable projects.

In 2021, the show, hosted by The Golden Valley Keperra Lions Club will be performed at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Complex at St Laurence's College, 82 Stephens Road, South Brisbane on Sunday the 17th October.

In 2020, an online Show was produced due to COVID restrictions.  This allowed more to see the show in the comfort of their own homes.  The continued support of the sponsors across the wider Brisbane area is appreciated.

Visit the World Festival Of Magic Website for more information about the shows.

Williams Brothers Wish Inc.

This article appeared in the April edition of Golden Valley Keperra’s local newspaper, the Hills Echo

News From The Den  By the Golden Valley Keperra Lions

Lions Clubs are Community Service Clubs – you have probably seen us cooking Sausages, Dagwood Dogs, Hot Chips, Christmas Cakes and Donuts around Keperra, Ferny Grove and the Hills District.

Every dollar raised from the community goes back to the community (because Lions members pay their administration costs personally).

The last two months have seen some major flood events that required our funding:

We are always looking for new members here at the GVK Lions Club. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Paul Ryan on 0409 688 675 for further information.

John, Anna Oscar and Hugo being presented with a cheque from Ian Patterson of Golden Valley Keperra Lions